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Newark Entry Date: 2018-12-29



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Our plane arrived ahead of schedule on Saturday afternoon at around 2:30. Once we got to immigration, we explained our situation (about the K1) to one of the workers in red jackets and he told us we could both go through the visitors line together. The wait was about 45 minutes, which was faster than what we were expecting. Once we got to the officer's desk we explained the situation and he processed my (US Citizen) passport and stamped it. He just asked how long I was in Mexico, and what I was doing there. Then he asked for my fiance's papers in the sealed envelope. He processed my fiance's passport, did his fingerprints and took his photo.

He then radioed for an escort who came and took my fiance and pointed me to an area to wait while my fiance went to secondary processing. In secondary processing, they took his paperwork and asked him to sit to wait to be called. When he got called, he only got asked when we are planning to get married, and that was it! They gave him his passport back. He said there were only two people on line in front of him, so he was inside secondary processing for less than 3 minutes. We met up, and picked up our luggage and handed our papers to the customs officer and exited.

One other point - we each filled out our own customs papers since we aren't married yet. We also didn't know what to put for my fiance's amount of things to declare since everything is staying in the US, so we just left that blank. No one said anything, so that was okay.

So overall, it was about an hour from when we got off the plane to exiting the customs area, and things went well.

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