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Port of Entry Member Review #16655

San Diego Entry Date: 2018-07-12



Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Arrived at 18:55 and got out of the airport at approx 20:15

Took BA273 (LHR- SAN), as the only international flight arriving that day the process was faster than anticipated.
Cleared immigration and was asked what's the purpose of my visit. I then said I'm here on a k1 to marry my fiance.

He then too a photo and was escorted to a secondary room whilst being asked to wait.

One family was there when i arrived so was told to wait.

I then was called, was asked how did I know Jerome and how often have we've seen or been with each other.
I then explained that due to my job pretty much every week (approx) I get to be in San Diego.
The officer then asked me for some pictures if I have any ( I brought the photo album that we created for the interview but was not asked for it, pheww!)
That was it, she just explained to me that once we're married we need to apply or adjust the status ourselves as it is not done automatically.

Pretty smooth and painless process.

Goodluck to all lovely couples going through the same process

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