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Port of Entry Member Review #16063

San Diego Entry Date: 2016-01-12


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Flew in with the only direct flight from Heathrow and landed in San Diego 30 mins before expected time. Once off from the plane walked towards the always so long queue. I had my passport and envolope in hand so I will be prepared without delaying the process any further (I was also pretty tired and wanted to get it over with lol). While waiting in line a lady that helps around there with passports, visas and such came up to me and asked me what type of visa do I have. I told her I'm on an IV, CR-1 type. Then she took me out from the long line and put in another line where it happened that me to be the only one waiting. The officer came to his desk and called me forward. I showed him the envelope and the passport and he was: "ohhh, ok.. now this is another procedure". He took my finger prints and walked me to the waiting area. He went into the office with my documents and said that his colleague will review the papers and let me know what he decides. Honestly, I had to wait quite a while, cause there were other people there waiting with different visa type. If I'm not wrong I waited for 40 mins until the other officer came out and called my name. He invited me into the office because he needed more information. I was a bit scared cause I mean at that point, they literally had all the information and wasn't sure what else could I provide. Fortunately, he only needed the City and Zip code at my new address lol. Then he had me signing a paper (not sure what it was, I assume it was for the Green Card) and then he took my finger prints again, with black ink.
The person was actually really nice and friendly and it only took me about 7-10 mins of being in his office. At the end he stamped my passport and told me it is a temporary Green Card good for 1 year. He also said that I should be receiving my GC between 3 to 6 months and if I don't then I should contact USCIS. Then he told me he only needs to make a copy of my passport and after I'm good to go And that was it! I landed at 4:30 pm and was out of the airport at 5:40, giving my hubby a big big hug <3
Overall, the experience was really good, people were friendly and helpful

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