Port of Entry Member Review #15816

El Paso Entry Date: 2014-12-23


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Port of entry was a breeze. We had a friend of ours in Ciudad Juarez drive us to the border from our hotel (no more than a 15 minute drive). There was a decent line of cars going into El Paso, so he dropped us off so my wife and I could walk across the bridge and do the paperwork. There were about 8 people lined up outside, waiting for the border patrol agent to guide us into the building as the line moved along. My wife went to one window, talked to the agent who did not ask any hard questions. It appeared all agents could speak both Spanish and English, but my wife speaks English so that's what she did. After one stamp, we went to another window a few minutes later and she received her passport back, and ready to go. Entire process at the POE office was about 15-20 minutes. By that time, our ride was across in El Paso and we went to our hotel. Overall, excellent experience, fast and convenient.