Port of Entry Member Review #15537

Raleigh-Durham Entry Date: 2013-10-17

Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

Flight landed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport at 14:50.
There was a long queue so it took me around 2 hours to get done but the actual procedure lasted for only about 25 minutes.
I went to the immigration counter, the lady asked me what was the purpose of my visit? I told her I was there on an immigrant visa. She asked if I had the visa packet and I handed it to her. She scanned my fingerprints, marked my embarkation card and directed me to another area. I collected my baggage, had to wait for about 15 minutes till the officer was ready to see me. I was asked to sign a form and apply my fingerprint on it. After that, the officer said Welcome to U.S.A. and you are good to go. The officers were very polite and friendly, it was a positive experience.