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Port of Entry Member Review #15426

Newark Entry Date: 2013-04


Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

So, My POE was at Newark, EWR Liberty International Airport. After changing 2 planes, i landed finally in US at 12:30 PM afternoon. After exiting from plane, we all were guided to Immigration counters. Its is a very big hall and lot of counters. As you enter u see first direction which directs Immigration for US Citizens and Permanent Residents and after continuing this section further u can see display signs for Non-Immigrants. I places my Passport and Brown envelope in my hand and asked the Officers standing there where to go. The Officer guided me to go to Non-Immigrants line coz i was travelling for first time although i had an Immigrant Visa. As my turn came,i gave my Passport and Envelope to the Immigration Officer at the counter. He checked all the details in his computer and took my fingerprints and eye scan. Then he asked me to follow him. He guided me to another room where all New Immigrants were taken. He gave my Passport and Envelope to an Officer and asked me to sit. After 15-20 mins the officer came and called my name, i went. He took my Index finger print on a paper and asked me to sign the paper on both sides. The gave back my passport and told me, U can go now. That's it...i checked my passport stamped with New Admitted Stamp and class written on it, went to exit gate and collected my luggage. Finally, went out. Overall very nice experience ...no hassles at all.

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