Port of Entry Member Review #14956

Raleigh-Durham Entry Date: 2011-03-03

Review Topic: Port of Entry Review

I have entered into RDU many times before under both the VWP and on my F1 Visa with no problems at all. It was always fast, effiecient with friendly guys.

However, on this trip I was entering under VWP howver when I told the officer I was 'visiting my husband' he questioned me a bit. I told him our I-130 was being processed (at this time, still by USCIS) and he informed me I should not really have come, as you are not supposed to travel until it is approved. I knew this was not the case as I did research before I left and knew I could still visit hubby while waiting. Anyway the immigration officer told me "well I'll let you in this time, don't overstay, and it would be adviseable to not come back until you have it approved". I knew this would be my last visit anyway before I got the greencard, but did not expect this.

When I later posted on forums about this, people said he must have been learning or having a bad day because you are allowed to travel still while your paperwork is being processed.

So yeah. All in all it was only a 10 minute delay, which didnt affect me..... but then the luggage belt had a fault and it took an extra 25 mins to get my luggage haha !!

Overall a afriendly POE, and one that is not too busy normally.