Consulate / USCIS Member Review #990

San Juan PR Review on November 3, 2006:

Waiting and Waiting

Review Topic: Walk-in Filing

We opted to go without an attourney. We got our list of requirements and filled out the papaerwork. Presented the paperwork and were chastised by the clerk for not putting everything in the proper order. I pointed out that there were no instructions about this on any of the information sheets they supplied us.

The Conditional Permanent Residency interview was not too hard. We presented our case and the interviewer had more questions for my step- daughter than for us.

The process here is a bit different than for mosts branches. Information that I received from the 800 number did not jive with how they do it here.

Before they instituted InfoPass. it was something to watch people coming out from their interviews. Most were happy, some were not.

Attourneys are given more consideration than applicants without attourneys. But this is true of the court system as well.

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