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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #9563

Charleston WV Review on April 25, 2012:


Review Topic: General Review

had my biometrics done there on april 9th 2012. got there on time and they told me they couldn't process me because i didn't have any other form of ID other than my passport with an old picture on which they couldn't recognize me. the lady was kind of rude and told me to come back later when her supervisor is there.
got there later and talked to the main lady, she asked me a lot of questions and asked me to put my hair up (because on my passport picture i had short black hair) and she finally said that i was good to go.
after that they finally took my fingerprints and my picture and the lady that was rude at first turned nice and explained herself.
overall had a pretty good experience, even with a little bump in the road. also, the office is right next to a giant shopping mall

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