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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #8629

Burkina Faso Review on November 2, 2011:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I can't express how impressed I was with the consulate. From the time we picked up the packet of documents to the day of the interview was 3.5 weeks. They scheduled the interview around my schedule (I was out there for work and traveling around) because they really like to have the USC there for the interview. They called us the day before the interview to check that I was back in Ouaga. We arrived at 8:50am for our 9am appointment. We had to wait outside the consular section about 10 minutes while the interview before us finished, an then they called us in. The CO was super-sweet (and spoke really good french) and put FI at ease. The interview was three questions: 1. Tell me your story 2. Do you have any plans for the wedding? 3. Are you going to do anything to celebrate in BF (to which we said we had traveled to spend the previous weekend with his fam, and showed her the pics). Then she said that it was clear that we were love each other, and to come back in a couple days to pick up the visa. Total duration (including the time waiting and paying the fee and such): less than 30 minutes. She didn't even ask for the 134a - I had to ask her before we left if she wanted it. Two days later, they called him to come pick up the visa. ten stars

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