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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #7702

Review on June 3, 2011:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My husband and I had been to the Embassy two weeks before our interview to get a document requested by the Slovene authorities for my husband's residence permit for Slovenia (a process that has been much less transparent, pleasant, straightforward or worthwhile than getting my greencard!). At that meeting, the consular office recognised our names and talked to us about my US visa, as well as checking my file and taking my fingerprints (electronically). All we then had to do was return for the interview appointment with a statement from the County Court that I didn't have any legal actions pending against me (the embassy had asked for this by email just after the NVC had sent my appointment date, so I had plenty of time to get it).

At the interview we were asked a couple of questions about what we intended to do work-wise on moving to the US, and then the consular officer told me he was approving my visa, and they would call me in a few days when it was ready to collect.

The whole process was very friendly, fast and straightforward. The consular office wasn't busy so we didn't have to wait (Ljubljana is a very small city).

I took a lot of time researching the entire application process and ensuring that we didn't omit anything at any point, and I think that helped. Even so it's taken a while (about 11 months from start to finish), mainly because of the time taken for the USCIS to process the petition.

But we're very happy to have finally reached this stage, and we'll be moving to the USA in 2 months.

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