Consulate / USCIS Member Review #7299

London, United Kingdom Review on March 22, 2011:

* Kristin *

Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiancé arrived at the Embassy around 7:00 a.m., for an 8:00 a.m. interview. He was one of the first individuals there.

Upon his arrival, one of the women working at the embassy told him he needed four forms – interview letter (which we didn’t have), passport and letter confirming the fee had been paid and DS-160. He explained how he never got his interview letter, but that the Department of State had confirmed his interview time. At first, the woman couldn’t find his name on the list, but then realized he was applying for a K1 visa. Apparently those appointments are kept on a different page. The woman said to disregard everything she had said (which is a good thing, because the DS-160 thing really put him off, and told him to go stand in line.

Upon arrival into Security, our packet of papers kept setting off the metal detector. One of the cards that I had originally sent him talked… so he had to give that card up! The security folks were very appreciative that he didn’t have any keys or anything – apparently a lot of people tried to walk through with their keys still on them.

The waiting part was fairly painless.

Tell the person at the front desk straight away that you are there for a K1. The woman started to discuss another visa with him - one that required having the DS-160 in hand. Anyway, the woman fianlly collected all his documents. Note: She would have preferred them as one bundle – passport, support info, birth certificate, etc. He kept handing them to her one-by-one – oh well! Make sure you have photocopies of ALL documents as the woman wanted the real doc and a copy of the doc. The copy will go in their file for you, which is thicker than the Bible ;-)

Once all the paperwork had been handled over and reviewed, he was given a number and told to sit down and wait.

As it has been stated before, it seems like everyone else is going quicker but it's because the other visa types are quicker to process.

At the window, you need to present your passport, ticket number and proof of payment. The interview gentleman he spoke with once his number was called asked three simple questions:
· Where did you and your fiancée meet?
· What does she do for work?
· What’s Mission Viejo like (the city where I live)?

Totally painless – they said congratulations and best of luck in America!

After that - it was a quick trip to the courier at the back of the room to pay for the delivery of your passport and brown envelope. :-)