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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #6170

Charleston WV Review on June 7, 2010:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Went to her biometric apt. and very soon upon our arrival we learned that we had a problem. The guard that checked us into the building asked if we had our marriage license with us and we said no. He said the problem was that all the paperwork that we had submitted for the AOS used her last name after our marriage and all the identification she had was in her maiden name. When the technician came to our turn she asked the same question. I informed her we did not bring anything other than the listed items requested and that we lived an hour and a half away and could not retrieve the document and return. The lady said wait and let me see what I can do, she returned about 15 minutes later and toke my wife in and did the biometrics. Everyone was very nice and very helpful. The couple in front of us had a similar problem but the opposite. They had filed in her maiden name and her identification was in her married name. So advice for others is to take any document you think they may even remotely need. Better to have it and never use it then to have to reschedule a bio apt. We was only lucky because the lady was so understanding and nice. This might not be the case at all local offices.

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