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Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Hello my September filers!

So I finally have my interview today! In my excitement I woke up 4am and started getting ready. My husband, mother in law and I started our journey on the way to the office around 6:30am. My appointment will be at 8am and just trying to get out the house early to avoid the morning rush. We arrived in the office at around 7:25am. Went through the security and everything. No digital camera allowed. Immediately ride the elevator going through the 3rd floor where the office is. There was already 2 couples( I believe so) ahead of us. Just gave my appointment letter and told me to sit down. It was 5 minutes to 8am when a woman called my name. My husband stood up and walked with me but the lady told him she wants to speak with me first. So I went inside the room brought with me my papers and bag. I sat down and told me to stand up first and made me swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.. Crazy me So after that she smilingly said ok you may sit down. That smile made me feel at ease.

She began by asking my passport and took out my I-94 in it. Then she went through my AOS papers (the I-485 form) and asked me one by one with everything I wrote there. Stated my name first,address,birthday,social security,my moms first name, my dads first name,my birthplace, and everything that I have wrote in the form. While I am answering those, she kept on marking a check in the form until we reached to those questions answerable by Yes or No. She asked for my husband's passport..I gave him 2 passport because the other one with stamp on it where he went visited me in the Philippines was kinda torn out because I accidentally washed it. I didn't checked his pocket that time and the passport was there.. silly me! So anyway, I explained it to her and she laughed. After that she asked for my husband's birth certificate. Asked about when did I arrived in the US, when was our wedding and asked some pictures on it. I gave her several pictures outside the album.. didn't put it in the album anymore since it doesn't fit. I have the native album where I put all the pictures I had during our first meeting. She asked each person in the wedding picture. Thought the officiator was my mother in law. She then said I will keep some of it. Asked for our marriage certificate. She then asked for proof of living together. I gave her our tax return document and the Joint billing statement of our lot rent. She seems satisfied of it.

The second part was a lil bit personal because she asked me about my husband's status. My husband is unemployed right now. Actually from the time I arrived here until now because he was laid off and since then he was just receiving unemployment benefit and till now no luck of finding a job. She told me so your financial sponsor is your mother in law and she appreciated a lot that she went with us as well. She was our co sponsor. Then she went back to the personal problem of my husband and she began explaining about the waiver if ever we both decided to part ways before the expiration of my green card. She told me about my choices and that I could be granted a 10 year green card if ever I chose to leave him. OK, it might be confusing to you guys, my husband has a lil problem that I can't tell here.. but I told the Immigration Officer that I love my husband mam despite of it. So she was like yeah I know I am just explaining to you your options if ever you decide to leave him because we don't know what will happen the next couple of months and that she said that you will receive you green card probably 2 to 3 weeks utmost. She also explain that you need to file the removal of conditions 90 days before your card expires. Again she explained about the waiver if ever I will need it. I find it ridiculous but I didn't say any word and just smiled at her thank her. Then this time she called my husband. Just asked him about his problem and if he is dealing with it. Since we both proved to her that he is dealing with his problem and she asked him the same questions she asked me and we have the same answer. So she end up saying... ok that's it! I don't see any problem here! Do you guys have questions? SO I said, well Mam I guess I just want to ask if I am approved? And she said YES! You will get your card in the mail soon. Good luck to both of you and she congratulated us! That's it! Whew! No sweat at all. Probably all in all it was just like 20 minutes.

When we were going out the building I saw lots of people in line. I am very glad that our schedule is first thing in the morning. Then we went back home and I had fun taking pictures on our way.

Thanks to all the people here who encourages me... beautiful years,Lucie and Damon,Nagishaw for your prayers, envy_me for that very awesome chart and you can now put "A" next to my interview date..and to everybody here! My September filers don't lose hope and you guys will soon have approvals!

Thank God Almighty for being with me and my husband throughout all these stressful process. I am very glad that I am a member of this site!

Now waiting for my actual green card!! SO happy!!!! kicking.gif kicking.gif kicking.gif kicking.gif

Thank you for reading and God bless us all!

Vida Taylor

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