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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #33112

Singapore Review on April 16, 2024:



Review Topic: General Review

It has been about a month since my approval, so I figured I finally sit down and give a proper review. I received my Packet 4 on 12 March 2024 and immediately paid the visa fees so I can book the next appointment. I was very lucky to snag an interview for 15 March 2024, 10am. Don't be alarmed if you don't see any available appointments, just keep checking every day and eventually one will pop up.

- Interview Day
I took Grab to the embassy just for a peace of mind, but you can take the train to Napier station as well - the embassy is located right beside the station. I was dropped off at the main entrance where a few people were queuing outside the door, with a security guard ushering them. When I approached the guard, she guided me to the waiting area at the parking lot. There is a shelter with benches and there is a greeter that will check your appointment letter. I was told to wait at the bench. There were a lot of people there as well, assuming for business/tourist visa as the greeter almost immediately came back to me to check on all the necessary information. She proceeded to instruct me to turn my phone off and head over to the main entrance again. When it got to my turn, I placed all my belongings on the tray and went through the security scanner. The guards kept my phone and earphones with them, passing me a token so I can collect it when I leave. They allowed me to keep my handbag and file (had all my relevant documents for the interview). PLEASE do not bring any laptops/tablets or big electronic devices if possible as you would need a locker (based on availability!). After the security check, it was a one-way into the Embassy building. You will have to go through another round of security check where another guard will approach you and inform you where to go. You'll be directed to a room with window counters and line ropes; very old bank-esque vibes. If you are there for K1, you do not have to join the line, you'll be asked to take a sit after they check your details at the door. Your name will be called through the speaker, and they will inform which counter to go to. I went up and a friendly Asian man greeted me. He asked for my Birth Certificate, Police Clearance (which he later gave back because he already had it on file from when I submitted my Packet 3), and Tax Transcripts. As he was checking the tax transcripts, he mentioned that my petitioner did not meet the financial requirements and asked if I had a joint sponsor or any assets I would like to use. I was taken aback because I knew my fiancé made double the minimum requirement. After a bit of back and forth, I realised my fiancé only had his taxes filed from August to December, making his taxes fall short. I tried to provide his employment letter, pay raise contract and even his bank statements from the last 12 months to prove he was making enough, however they wanted it to show on the actual transcripts - I'm assuming that they do not want to take any chances or risk me being a public charge, so he advised me to get a joint sponsor. After that, he asked me for the passport-sized photos and upon handing them over, he told me it was too small. I had to go to the back of the room where a photobooth was located and paid SGD10 for new photos. After providing them the correct sized photos, he told me he had everything he needed and instructed me to take a sit and another person will call me for the actual interview. I waited another 30 minutes before my name was called again on the speaker. This time, it was an American lady - she was very friendly which made the interview so much easier to go through. I had to take an oath and scan my fingerprints before the interview started.

Some questions asked were as follows:
1) How did you meet your fiancé?
2) Tell me more about your first meeting? What did you both do?
3) Do you get along with his family?
4) Does he stay by himself?
5) Why do you call him by his middle name?
6) When is the wedding? Have you booked a venue? Who is going?
7) When do you plan to move?
8) Did he pick the engagement ring out for you?
9) How did he propose?
10) How did you get through covid together?
11) Where did you stay when you visited him?

It may seem like a lot but note that the interview felt like a casual conversation! It genuinely was like as if you were just catching up with a friend, so a lot of the questions just flowed through. She even made a few jokes here and there. I did feel a bit awkward since there were so many people within ear shot but everyone was there for the same reason, so you get over it pretty quick. At the end of the interview, she said she couldn't approve me on the spot since I had to provide sufficient funds and advised me to get a joint sponsor as it was the fastest and easiest method. She then asked me to get a No Marriage Certificate from ROM. I actually already had it on me and passed it to her, but she rejected it as she wanted it in my full name and birthdate instead of IC number. She gave me a form to fill out and to send it back with all the necessary documents. She also returned my passport back to me. She reassured me that my case is straight-forward, and my approval will be immediate after they receive my documents. As my interview fell on a Friday, I had to wait until Monday to get all the necessary documents and head over to Aramex. I received my approval 2 days later

- No Marriage Certificate
You will be required to get a No Marriage Certificate from ROM. If you happen to be Muslim and are not sure which to get, the Embassy only wants ROM cert. I purchased both ROM and ROMM and they gave the ROMM cert back. When doing the search, do not sign in through SingPass as it will automatically take your IC number. Sign in manually and search by name and birth date! The certificate will show your full name and birth date. Although some people had no issues with using the IC, I'm sharing my own experience. I had not one, but two different certs to show yet they were not accepted. So, save your time (and money) and get one from ROM under full name and birthdate. You will be told to provide this in your Packet 3 however some people might not get these instructions - I was one of them. I'm not sure why. Even the guy at the start of the interview did not ask for it, which was an indication that I wouldn't need to provide it. However, at the end of my interview, the lady ended up asking for it. So, even if your Packet 3 does not state to get a No Marriage Certificate, I highly suggest getting one either way in case they end up asking for it!

- Medical Checkup
I had my medical done with International Medical Clinic at their Camden location. There were three receptionists at the front, and they were all very friendly and bubbly (definitely made me feel less anxious!). One of them approached me and I informed them I had an appointment that day and after giving her my name, she noted I was there for the K1 Medical. I gave all the documents for her to scan (passport, vaccination records, DS-160 confirmation page, K1-FTP, medical doc from Packet 3, and the 4x passport-sized photos), along with my IC as well. Shortly after, she informed me to take a seat while I wait to get called. Not even 5 minutes later, one of the nurses called me to get my blood pressure, height and weight and eye test done. The nurse was very friendly and made small talk to pass the time. After that, I went back to the waiting area and again, not even 5 minutes later, the main doctor (Dr Ho) called me in. He went through all the necessary documents like what vaccines I need to take etc and he was very concise and clear in everything. I had to take an updated tetanus shot, varicella vaccine, flu vaccine, and my covid booster. PLEASE get your Covid booster ahead of time so you don't have to wait. Although the doctor told me I didn't have to wait 2 weeks in between and could get them all done in 1 day, some other clinics/nurses might not let you go through with it in fear you might not react well to the multiple vaccines. I had to take a total of 4 vaccines (Tetanus, Varicella, Flu, Covid booster) and 1 blood test (Syphilis). Everything was done in the clinic except the flu and covid booster. Do note that you need all the required vaccines done before the clinic can send the report over to the Embassy! After everything was done with the doctor, I was led to another room to get the said test and vaccines done. There were 2 nurses there to help me and made me feel so much better and less anxious. After those were done, I was informed to go to level 9 to get my x-ray done. I made my payment on the spot (about $760) and went down. The x-ray is walk in, so the wait is dependent on how many people there are. Thankfully I was the only person there, so I got mine done almost immediately. I received a CD after and was informed to hold on to it to pass it over to the officer at POE. After that, I was done! I arrived at IMC at about 10am and was completely done by 11:15am.

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