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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #32891

Review on January 17, 2024:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

We had our interviews at the Ciudad Juarez consulate. We stayed at Casa de las Bugambilias and they gave us a lot of support for our entire process. We highly recommend you stay at Bugambilias. The interview date they give you is just handing over paperwork. It’s important to have everything organized to hand over, and Bugambilias or your lawyer can help with this. They may ask you a few questions (who is your sponsor/fiance?, confirm her/his address, what’s her/his phone number?). Then they give you a date for the actual interview, usually the next business day. In our case because our first interview date fell on the Friday of a 3 day weekend (Monday is MLK day), we had to wait until Tuesday for the interview.
Questions they asked at the interview:

What is your sponsors full name?
How and when did you meet?
What does your sponsor do for work?
How much does she earn?
Do you have her tax information? (Please give it to me - the I-134 and all docs)
Do you do drugs or smoke?
Do you have any tattoos?
Where will you live in the US?

After answering these questions-
Congratulations! Welcome to the United States!

It’s very important that you stay calm and answer with confidence, making eye contact. Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in. Bring gloves, a hat, and neck warmer, warm socks, if you are interviewing soon in the winter. You will be standing outside in a line in freezing temperatures for up to an hour. Make sure your paperwork is organized (get help from your lawyer or La casa de bugambilias). This will help you avoid a lot of stress. Make sure you don’t take anything prohibited. No cell phones, no belt, not even a plastic pen. Have faith and it will go suprisingly fast. Before you know it, you’ll have your visa

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