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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #32117

Dublin, Ireland Review on May 30, 2023:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Arrived at the embassy at 8:10 am and the security allowed me to go in. I also met another K-1 filer with the same appointment time who was allowed to go in at 07:50am. 

Upon entering, you will be queueing with other visa applicants. There’s a lot of waiting and not enough chairs so come prepared with your comfortable shoes.

0840 am - Initial Check
A representative will take all the required documents on the checklist from you to prepare it for the Consular Officer during interview. Just go by everything on the list provided by the embassy.

They also took my passport and stamped my valid tourist visa with CWOP (Cancelled Without Prejudice). This actually broke my heart a little but he assured me that he had to do that because I am now applying for a different type of visa.

1030 am - Consular interview

Questions asked:
-How did you meet your fiancé?
-What does he do for a living?
-How many people are in their household?
-Have you any wedding plans so far?
-How many times have you been to the United States?
-How long was your longest stay in the United States?

Received a 221-g slip because we missed one part of the i-134 Form. We sent the required documents on the same day via express delivery as soon as I got out of the embassy. It was delivered as per courier the following day.

25 May 2023 - Approved (as per CEAC) 🥹
26 May 2023 - Issued (as per CEAC) 💕

30 May 2023 - ✨Visa on Hand ✨

If you have any additional documents that need to be sent to the embassy, you have the option to send them via DPD Courier (free of charge) or we used the AnPost express delivery service. It's the same really and if it's only to send a few documents you can have them printed right away in Dublin City if you live far from the area.

The consular officers were really nice. Even when I got the 221-G slip, he explained to me thoroughly what I have to do in order to get it sorted right away.

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