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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31784

Belgium Review on February 10, 2023:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Overall, everything went pretty smoothly.

I arrived about 35 min early, so I had to wait until 15 min before the scheduled meeting to be let in at the gate. Once inside you go through a scanner. You cannot take car keys or large bags inside, but you can leave them there at check-in and pick them up on your way out. Inside, I queued for 15-20 min for initial processing by a Belgian employee. He checked all my documents and was very nice and helpful in doing so. He even gave back the proof of financial support I prepared (bank statements, proof of income,...), since it was not needed at this stage. He said it is always better to not submit anything that is not required, as it might do more harm than good. Afterward, I was instructed to sit down and wait for the actual interview with an American agent at another booth.

I only had to wait 10 min more before I was called up for the interview. The agent did not ask many questions, just the name of my fiancé and some other very basic questions I cannot exactly remember. It was over in about 10 min. She said I was approved upon the requirement that my checks in the system (some kind of background checks maybe? the first agent started them, but they were not finished yet) would come through fine, but she did not expect any issues.

I had a special request: I was supposed to travel to the UK for work the week after, for which I needed my passport. The agent instructed me that the timeline would likely be too short to get the passport with visa back in time, so she gave me a paper (the same one they give you when you forget to bring something, basically an RFE) stating that I needed to bring my passport another time. It was no issue at all to do so, and I did not need a timed appointment for it, just to come in between 9-10 am (slightly annoying that it had to be between these times, which required me to come to Brussels during rush hour). I returned about a week later after my initial appointment to submit my passport. I got it back in 2 days (I paid for home delivery).

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