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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31745

New York City NY Review on January 25, 2023:

Jeremy and Andras

Jeremy and Andras

Review Topic: Naturalization

Had a 7:15 appointment - it's very hard to figure out what's going on as the lines are not marked and the security officers are dealing with a lot of people at once. Once we showed them my partner's paperwork indicating a 7:15 appointment they waved us through to the security line proper; make sure in addition to empty pockets that you take off your belt and any bulky shoes as well. Some people brought blankets to keep warm in the wait outside, which could be good if you get cold.

Once inside we found our way quite easily - we were about 5 minutes after his appointment time (backlog at the security check) and waited another 15 minutes or so. Remember to bring the petitioner's passport, one person in the waiting room ran into that problem. Once the officer saw that I was there he called me to join for the I-751 interview which was unexpected, so I'm glad I decided to go up with him! Basic questions including how we met, addresses in the US, early relationship history, and request for current proof of relationship (in this case recent utilities etc.) plus a request to see our marriage license.

After that, I left the room. My partner came out probably 15 minutes later after the English and civics test and said that they told him they can't approve two forms on the same day, so the I-751 will be today and the N-400 will be tomorrow.

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