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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31710

Phoenix AZ Review on January 11, 2023:



Review Topic: Naturalization

Had our combo interview today. Lifting of conditions and naturalization. The officer was very nice and friendly. At first, only I went inside, my spouse was not allowed. I waited in the lobby until the officer came to ask me to bring my spouse inside so we can have the combo interview.

Apparently, it's a pretty common occurrence that the officer has to turn people away that thought that they didn't have to bring their spouse to the interview. I actually witnessed this happening.

The i751 interview was pretty quick. The naturalization occurred as expected with the tests and questions. They were very specific though regarding the Civic Test answers, for example, a USC has the right "To vote in federal elections", not just "to vote". So while studying make sure to memorize the specific answers that they give.

Everyone's oath ceremony was being schedule to 8 days later @ 1pm. They do ceremonies every Tuesday and Thursday (judicial ceremonies are different). However, due to an overseas trip, my interview went to a queue to be scheduled to sometime in February to early march.

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