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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31707

Sweden Review on January 11, 2023:


Review Topic: General Review

Interview approved,
took 3h total of waiting time and interview. 1 h line outside the embassy, 2 h inside. A lot of questions; how did you first meet, how often do you see each other, have you ever got denied a visa/US entry before, when did you get engaged, were are you going to live, where does your fiance live, what does your American fiance work with, what do you intend to do when you get to the US, etc etc. Fingerprints taken and papers handed in, and showed original documents.
Positives: Nice staff, friendly, helpful.
Negatives: waiting time, and very crowded waiting room. Also mixed for all types of visa questions, and the student and work visas were interviewed right Infront of the other people sitting waiting. So no privacy when answering, everyone could hear and also hear of they got approved or not. The K- visas was in a private booth next to it though

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