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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31610

Auckland, New Zealand Review on November 27, 2022:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

It's a small embassy with a small queue (probably max 10 people), so don’t go too early. You can hang out or wait at Snickel Lane (food court) in the ground floor. The embassy staff seem to be nice and kind people. You are not allowed to carry anything inside other than your documentation.

My interview was scheduled for 9:15am on a Wednesday. I arrived about 15 minutes early. B collected my documents, then I waited while the consular officer conducted interviews with other people. It all takes place in a single room.

My interview was short. The questions were:
- Where did you guys meet?
- When did you get married? (Asked this question 5 times along with other questions, they wanted to know the actual date)
- Where did you get married?
- Do you have any kids from this marriage?
- When did you get divorced?
- Do you have any kids from previous marriage? Where do they live?
- When is your baby due? Do you know the baby's gender?
- Who is [name of joint sponsor]? What is his job? Where does he live?
- What is your wife's job? Where does she work?
- What is your job?
- Where do you want to live in the U.S.?

Then they approved my IR1 visa.

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