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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31494

Cameroon Review on October 19, 2022:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Me and my fiancé arrived at the embassy for our 7:30 interview at 7am. We had to turn off our phones and then we entered the embassy. As soon as I handed over my passport and told them I was accompanying my fiancé they said I couldn’t and that I must leave. My fiancé asked if I could just wait inside and she said no and I asked if I could wait outside and she said yes of course. (Later it was revealed they had no lobby area or a space for you to wait so that may have been it but another person advised they were here the day before and he was allowed to sit and wait with their child. But they were not doing visa interviews that day). So I left and waited outside, my fiancé goes through the first security check, and they verified his passport with appointment time, took his phone and gave him a ticket to recover the phone. He and his items were scanned, he passed through and collected his stuff and went to the second security post, where they separated him based off his interview type and gave him a file with how to arrange his documents and what window number to go to. They called him to the window and he did his biometrics and they asked for his birth certificate, police report, DS-160, 1 passport photo, photocopy of passport and the I-134. Then he was given a paper about legal rights of immigrants in regards to domestic violence and told to read it while he waited. Then he was called up and did another set of biometrics, and was asked these questions.

Questions Asked
1. Did you read the document on Domestic violence?
2. What did the document say? ( White paper was given few minutes before I was called up to my window. This sounded like a trick question. If I hadn't read it, I would've been trapped. But I did and answered correctly.)
3. Who's inviting you to the United States
4. Under which occasion did you meet.
5. Inquired details about the way we met on FB
6. Where in the US will you live?
7. Do have any relatives in the united States
8. What are they're names?
9. Where do they live in the US?
10. Who was the first to initiate the relationship?
11. How long were you dating before you got engaged?
12. Your first chat was in 2019, correct?
13. Was she born in Cameroon?
14. Since No, how do you handle your cultural differences?
15. She's is a nurse. Correct?
16. How much time has she spent here?
17. When was the last time she visited? ( This sounded like a plus to me cos my fiancé is in Cameroon as we speak). The C.O found this romantic as she expressed with a smile.
18. Any plans for your wedding?
19. Where and how would it look like?
20. Why did you choose to marry your fiancé in the united states?

After all the questions she spent several seconds typing on the computer before she announced that his visa was approved and that they would use the email that they have been corresponding with to tell him to come pick up his passport within 1-2 weeks. We are hopeful it will be within the next 5days because I saw many Cameroonian timelines that reflected a wait of only 5days. But I will continue to update my timeline.

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