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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31471

Auckland, New Zealand Review on October 12, 2022:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I live in Hamilton (1hr and 30mins drive away) from the Auckland U.S. Embassy/Consulate so left at 5:45am in the morning to drive up. The traffic wasn’t too bad but I did need to take a different route out West (the Airport way) and it took me 30mins less…If I had of continued the normal way in to the city it could have been an hour extended but I got into the city at around 7:25am. I parked my car at the Downtown Car Park and the walk wasn’t far (Paid $9 all up for parking- download the AT App and pay that way).

I was the first interview for the morning as I had my interview booked at 9:45am originally (the earliest available) but I received an e-mail from the lovely B to have me go in at 8:15am instead and skip the long waiting times as she put it. I thought I would be smart and go in early at 7:45 but was told to come back at 8:10am (haha) I just wanted to be in there (I didn’t know what to expect). So I went back downstairs and walked into another family heading up (I saw them with a folder- and told them you can’t go up yet because they just told me to go back at 8:10am lol, lucky enough there’s a St.Pierre’s Sushi store that opened at 8am, so I grabbed a Chicken Teriyaki Rice ball (didn’t have breakfast lol) and had a quick bite and went back upstairs.

Got back to the security on Level 3 and they have small lockers for your belongings. I had a Loungefly size handbag- enough to fit my keys, iphone, apple watch and wallet. I also had my passport and proof of relationship folder with the A4 size courier bag (Size 4 Prepaid bag- for some reason I thought I had a huge pile of documents- I was right haha).

Because I was first up, I was greeted by B and she was training another lady so I happened to be the first person she got to watch. I was given back a passport photo I put in Packet 3 and also a NZ Police Conviction Check form I did a few weeks prior as it wasn’t needed (Completed the proper check online too). I then gave B my passport and the courier bag. I had to get my fingerprints done and then was told to wait by booths 7-8. Keep in mind this whole interview room/space is tiny as hell! As I was waiting, 2 other people entered the room and I was just sitting on a seat. I waited for about 10mins and my name was called over the speaker..

I didn’t catch the lady who interviewed me but she was really nice. These were the questions I was asked and took less than 15mins:

What’s your fiance’s name?..
Where did you meet?..
When was the first time you met your fiance in person?..
When are you going to get married and where?..
What does your fiance do for work?..
What do you do for work?..
What are you going to do for work when you’re in the U.S?…
Has your fiance been married before?..
Have you been married before?..
Does your fiance have kids?..
Do you have kids?..
And as she was typing she said…. “Looks like you have everything, you’re approved congratulations”😊 She also gave me back my original Birth Certificate. I wasn’t nervous at all and answered every question honestly and said thank you have a good rest of your day☺️ So happy! (I didn’t get asked to show proof of our relationship but I took about 70 pages worth anyway lol)

I hope my experience helps others in New Zealand ☺️

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