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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31240

Frankfurt, Germany Review on July 12, 2022:



Review Topic: General Review

We arrived at 7:15am for an 8am appointment. There was already a line of about 30-40 I guess. I heard the employees outside tell another applicant to disregard the appointment time. I would suggest an earlier arrival if you want to be done quicker. We all checked in at the window, and I (US citizen) was allowed in. There is an automated announcement outside saying cell phones must be turned off prior to security, but tablets and laptops are not allowed. It would have been nice too know that because the website says no cell phones.

After security you enter a building on the left of the first building. It has a nice skylight and plenty of chairs fr waiting. Being Ukrainians we were directed to windows 17, 20, and 21 which were designated as Ukraine speakers. There is a display board designed to show which ticket number should come to each window, but some use it and others do not. After seeing people at the windows who came in after us, we asked. #17 said we had to wait till our number was called while #21 said we did not. These windows take fingerprints, collect passports, collect original documents, and pictures, and create a file. Then we return to our seats.

We were then called to windows 14 or 15 for the interview itself. They asked me to return to my seat so the US citizen does net participate in the interview. Questions asked were:

Why does your husband want to marry a Ukrainian? We did not discuss this.
To daughter: What do you plan to do in the USA? Have a good family life.
When were you married?
Do you know your husband's son? Only through Facebook

Documents were returned and my wife was given a form explaining our visa was almost approved. It would take 5-10 business days to be ready.

People were friendly, but the procedure calling people to the window should be more uniformly used. They should also be more clear about what is allowed in. I saw at least one backpack.

There is a private valet storage at the corner of the closest METRO stop (U5 line) mentioned in the automated announcement. Corner of GieBener & Marbachweg but we did not use it.

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