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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31230

Sacramento CA Review on July 8, 2022:


Review Topic: Naturalization

Very pleasant experience overall.
There was a long line outside to get into the building and I was worried about being on time but it turned out most of the people were waiting to be seen by ICE.
After entering the building I went to the second floor and had to wait to check in for the interview. After being checked in I was told to wait in the hallway and someone would come get me.
After a little bit of waiting someone came to direct me to another room where the virtual interview would be held.

The officer began the interview with the civics test as she thought that might make me less nervous (I agree). The questions I remember being asked was
-how do you participate in democracy
- what’s MLK known for
- what is the law of the land
- who was the first president
Then moved onto the reading and writing test.

Once the interview began they began by asking a few questions about my current address, current job, last travel etc. asked about whether I was part of any organizations and whether I knew what taking the pledge of allegiance meant.

The officer then told me that I was being recommended for approval and told me I should be receiving a oath ceremony date in the mail.

Status on USCIS changed to oath ceremony will be scheduled as I was leaving the building.
Checked USCIS the next day and saw that the oath ceremony was scheduled and the notice is en route to my house

Finally happy to be done and had a very pleasant experience for the final leg of this long journey!!

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