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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31098

Tampa FL Review on June 2, 2022:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We had to wait outside the premises for about 40 minutes because the waiting room was packed. We were let in and sat down for approx. 2 hours. Many people were sitting there for over 3-4 hours. Out of nowhere, our names got called, and we were led into the officer's personal office. There were people in the waiting room who entered before us, still waiting. The officer introduced herself and confirmed our names. The officer was very kind but seemed a bit rushed and apologized several times for the long wait. She took my fingerprints and took a picture of me. She then swore me in and asked whether our address was still the same. I said no, we recently moved, so she updated our case for us, and I had to sign that. We had taken our ten-month-old baby with us. I brought way less evidence than most people, some people came with whole suitcases full of evidence, and I brought our joint tax returns, lease, and joint car insurance together with our birth certificates. She asked for our passports and asked me whether I was working. I told her yes and my job title. She then proceeded to do the same for my wife. She asked to see our little one's birth certificate and asked if she could keep the copy. And that was it. She said I already read your file, and you're approved for your 2-year green card and again my apologies for the wait. There were no questions about our relationship, how we met, what my wife's uncle's favorite IPA was, or anything. 10 out of 10 experience, except for the wait, but hey, it was extremely busy. All in all, we were in and out of the officer's office within 5 minutes. She told us that the green card would be with us within two weeks.

Fun fact, I stressed a lot about my certified birth certificate, which I had to expedite-order from the Netherlands and express mail with UPS, but it wasn't even looked at or necessary.

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