Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31048

Dallas TX Review on May 13, 2022:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

After security and a booth to check papers we were sent upstairs for the interview. We got called about 10min after the time of the appointment. After taking the oath, she asked all identification papers I could have then if we had any new documents to give, so we gave the update papers for affidavit (not requested but we brought the 2022 W2 and paystubs we had). We showed his insurance papers and bank statement with my name on it, and the internet bill that I pay, and an album with new photos.
We went through the yes/no questions from the form. She asked my full name, birthday, address, his birthday, where do we work and when did we meet. Asked if we had any questions.
She was very nice.
Then she said all looked good but she didn't give any decision.
I received an email the day after, stating an action has been taken on my case and about 8h after the email, it showed approved on the website.
Good luck to everyone!

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