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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #31019

Santa Ana CA Review on May 5, 2022:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

#AOS #Interview
We had our AOS interview at Santa Ana, CA.
Overall very smooth and super easy, the lady said she will approve us and it will take some time to update the status online.
We parked in the building’s paid parking with $1 for every 15 mins.
We entered the building 25 mins early and went through the security check. We kept our phones in the car itself but I guess phones were allowed inside, I saw everyone on their phones. We had to check-in and they took the interview notice and asked us to wait. There were already too many people waiting and seemed the interview office was running late. We were called 25 mins late than our scheduled time. Took 15-20 mins for the overall interview with the officer. This lady greeted us and took us to the room for the interview. Started by taking an oath and then she asked basic questions to me, the applicant first. The first thing she asked was about the I-693 and I informed her I do not have that instead I have DS-3025 based on my medicals done in Toronto and they are still valid. She disagreed and said I-693 is required and asked me to keep that item on hold. At least she checked with someone by messaging and confirmed I was right. She agreed that she does not do a K1 visa and does not know much about the requirement as she doesn't usually interview for K1. Wish I had the instructions of I-693 to show her the part that said K1 does not require any medicals. Other than that she asked about our story and how we met, which I provided with all the required details. She was already satisfied with everything we had and was busy typing information in the system and not listening that well. But anyways, I made sure I provided here all details. She asked some yes/no questions similar to 485 General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds. Lastly, she just checked with me about my current address and where did I work in the past. They only asked my USC husband his name and where he worked. I had to sign a document for some questions which are part of 485. Lastly, she asked if I had any questions for her and if I would like to submit something else. I had every document possible so I asked if I can submit a newly filled 864, but she said she already has that. I still ended up giving her a joint bank account, and insurance copies. I offered to give more proof too but she was reluctant as she was then required to scan everything and maybe she did not want to go through the trouble. I double-checked if the medical thing is sorted and she reassured me and added she is going to approve us but that online might take some time to update.

Overall good experience but the center was so busy or understaffed, that there were delays in getting to the interview room.

Good luck to everyone who is waiting for their interview. It is super easy, even though the fact that I was quite stressed and nervous myself. After all this wait finally, the process is coming to the end, and no more paperwork until ROC.

I have to wait for my GC to get the married name updated on the SSN.

(updated on May 5, 2022)

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