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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30738

Montgomery AL Review on February 12, 2022:



Review Topic: Naturalization

My interview was for 10:15 am. We arrived at 9:45 and sat in the car until 10.00. Went through security (nothing strange) then waited in the waiting room for "window one". I was called up within 2 mins and was asked to lower my mask and use the fingerprint scanner, then to "wait at the back of the room to be called". I was called in at 10:13, the officer took me back to an office that had a plastic partition between us, I did the oath and sat. Within a few seconds the civics test started and he said "correct" after each one. Then straight on to reading and writing test. Finally we went over the application to review any changes. The officer was professional, efficient and courteous. The officer never asked to see any of the items I had with me, (folder full). I was then asked if I wanted to come back for a 1:45 oath ceremony (to which I asked "what date?" after reading on forums that Montgomery did NOT do same day oaths. The officer laughed and said again "1:45" and then added "today". I was shocked but obviously took that and replied "yessssssss'. The whole interview took 20 mins.
The oath ceremony was pretty straight forward, same security check-in and sent to the same waiting room. At about 1:40 someone came to the waiting room and said "if you have this notice inviting you to the oath ceremony, plus this green card in your hand follow me". We were led towards a room on the opposite side of the security check-in and formed a line where the officer took the ceremony letter and the green cards and allowed you to move forward into the ceremony room. The room was large with social distancing enforced by the chairs being spaced at least 6' all around. Each chair had an envelope on it. (containing a small American flag, copy of the constitution, passport application. voting information and a copy of the oath).
The officer came in after checking everyone in and administered the oath, he then told everyone to check the certificate when they get it for errors, because it would be free to change it before you leave the office, but once you leave it's $600 to make changes to it. He called each person up to give them the certificate (about 10 of us). He then said we could take pictures before leaving in front of the huge patriotic wall mural (most of us did this). Family and loved ones were not allowed to come in but they were allowed to watch through the large window in the parking lot (to the left of the front door). The whole ceremony took maybe 10 mins.

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