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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30727

Raleigh NC Review on February 9, 2022:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Arrived 15 minutes prior to interview starting. Went through security and then to an iPad. Chatted to lady via the iPad and was then told to go to an interview room. The interview room had a desk, chairs, and two iPads. We waited 20 minutes until we got a Skype call via the iPad. The interview was conducted through this. Immigration Officer was friendly as he went through my application. Basic questions were asked like spouses name, dob, job, how we met, wedding, what we did for our anniversary.

Immigration Officer came to our office at end and asked me to sign paperwork and gave some tips to strengthen our file so we don’t have to come back for another interview in 2 years time when removing the conditions.

Was there altogether for just over an hour. Interview was about 40 minutes long. Status changed a few hours later. Received Greencard exactly a week later.

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