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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30643

Switzerland Review on January 19, 2022:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Fiancé applied in his country of residence, which is different from his country of origin. According to fiancé, interview was quick and easy. Being a national of a ‘high-fraud’ country didn’t seem to have any bearing on his case. He arrived at the embassy a little ahead of time and showed the interview letter to the officer. The officer had him go to a corner to open the sealed medial envelope in front of him (no sealed envelopes allowed) and he went through airport style security. No electronics allowed, but contrary to what they tell you, there is a space you can store a small cell phone. After going in he waited 5-10 minutes to be called to the counter. The women asked for all of our documentation so he handed her the big packet of everything we prepared. She found and selected what she needed herself and took almost everything except for our proof of relationship. He was then told to wait and he waited 45 minutes or so to be called in for the interview. The interview was only 5-7 minutes and they asked very basic questions like:
- How did you meet? (and had some small talk around this/how long we’ve been together)
- Where does the petitioner live?
- Where do the petitioner’s parents live?
He was not asked to show any more evidence/photos or any questions about the documents we submitted. At the end, he was told he could pick up his visa 8 days later (or he could have requested it to be mailed). The officer ended by wishing him well for his new life in the US.
He was, however, behind someone at the first counter who also seemed to be applying for the K-1. He overhead that apparently this person had some type of criminal record due to youth drunkenness or something along those lines. Seems like this person had a much longer interview (no idea the end result).

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