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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30526

Milwaukee WI Review on December 21, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

So excited to be finally writing this!

We filed our AOS packet on April 2021.
Our case was transferred to the Milwaukee office after my spouse and I moved to Madison, we were worried it would delay things. Luckily things were more or less standard!

Keep note:
- There's free street parking behind the office and metered parking in the streets nearby. But do make sure to come at least 30 min early to secure a spot and have ample time to walk over.
- It is a little hilly, so if you have accessibility issues - think about being dropped off at the door if possible. It's quite a bit of a hike if you have limited mobility.
- There's no clocks at the door, and if you're not bringing a phone with you - remember that you'll only be allowed in 15 min prior to the interview - so maybe wear a watch. Worse case scenario, there's a clock tower in the distance you can squint at to gauge the time.

Our experience:
- We got in early, and waited outside for about 20 minutes before entering. We went through a little security line where we had to hand out our appointment notice and take off metal items (didn't have to take off shoes). Side note: the security officers were such a joy that day! They were so jovial and professional, it really lifted our mood!
- Once you go upstairs, MAKE SURE to walk to the area with all the windows to check in. They'll take your index finger prints and look at your ID to confirm that you're here and let the officer know. We were confused about where to go and if we should just stay put (because we were asked to go up and sit). BUT DEFINITELY REMEMBER TO CHECK IN. Ask someone where to go if you're not sure.
- We waited inside for about 30 minutes before our interview started, but the other couples who entered with us (same time slot) got called in pretty quickly. So do anticipate some variation on that.
- Once our interviewer came to get us, we walked with her to the interviewing room.
- We were not separated. She was very professional and was very patient because a lot of our information (address, jobs, etc. had changed since the application was submitted).
- She asked for our IDs. I (beneficiary) handed my passport, my spouse handed his current US driver's license. We were also asked to submit our previous driver's licenses (even though mine was expired).
- She asked for wedding photos (didn't keep them).
- Asked about how we met while she looked through our photo album. Picked out a couple of photos, and we explained where we were and who we were with.
- Asked about whether we had met each other's parents (yes, and she picked out some photos for it from our album.
- Asked about when we changed our address, asked if we had documents to show for it (we had A LOT haha), so handed over the housing things.
- Also handed over updated i-864 and new paystubs for my spouse.
- Was asked if I brought my i-693, which I did - so I submitted it. (Did question why the medical was done in Illinois when we live in Wisconsin. I explained that we weren't anticipating the interview so soon and had planned on doing the medical later, but then the ENTIRE STATE of Wisconsin had no available appointments for a month under such short notice - so had to get it done at a nearby Illinois town an hour away).
- Went through our I-130 and I-485, updated details and asked the security questions. (This took a while and we're so appreciative for how patient she was because our address is a chore to write lol)
- Told us she was done, explained the 2-year conditional card rule and that if a favorable decision was to be made, we would get the card in the mail. And if she required other documents she'd mail us.
- At that point, she hadn't really asked for much of the giant bag of documents we brought (I don't blame her, we also front loaded the application quite a bit). I asked if I could submit additional documents. She said sure.
- I handed over our joint bank statements, joint insurance info, bookings and tickets for trips with my family over the summer, affidavits from family and friends, screenshots, etc.
- I asked if she wanted to look at our mail from all our previous shared address, and I feel bad, I think it was honestly just a lot. She said no.
- She said we were done, and that if she could have our passports so she could make a copy.
- We waited outside while she made the copies, and then she brought our ids back out.

Did not receive an approval the day of, but still went out to celebrate at a local German restaurant. The whole process is exhausting, and it was nice to feel like we crossed at least one more step!

Was really hoping for on-spot approval like many of the stories here, but learnt that there's confirmation bias at play for those online. Apparently it's 50-50 whether you'll get approved the day of. Wish I knew sooner haha.

Did not get the "Card is being produced" update until 3 weeks later (today! yay!).

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