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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30525

Ukraine Review on December 21, 2021:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Here we go.

Her account of Kyiv embassy in my own words:

-Arrived to Embassy. She brought along her mother to hold her things (purse, phone, etc. As she called it, her bag). She said because she had her son, my future son, with her, she was towards the front of the non tourist line for the 8am group (her appointment was scheduled at 8am). It is true that there was no storage onsite, even the van was not there at 7:30am kyiv time. But it sounded like there were people who found it later on because her mother mentioned seeing people running to store things when they forgot in case they would miss their appointment. (again, i am speaking american english mixed with ukrainian english to capture the heart and soul of her words)
-Waited in line outside until 8:15am. It was very cold. It also was messy on the non main lines (which the streets surrounding the embassy are not main so they were not clear). Tourist visa people went first, then the 8am group she was in. The lady at the first window asked for all financial documents (I-134, tax forms (my transcripts from IRS), employer letter, etc. She asked for proof of relationship and my fiancee said "i have paycheck receipts he provided to me as proof." And she accepted those.

-They waited inside (oh it is definitely like an airport with xray scans and frame metal detectors.) for 40 minutes. She said for these types of visas, non tourists, most people waited for 30 minutes on average after the first window. She was concerned she missed her number on the screen, but the man with the laptop reassured her that the tourists are faster to go through and she is in line for the correct visa. So don't be alarmed about that (is what she wanted me to tell you all). She was called to the second window where a man asked her 10 questions in english. He asked her a few times repeating when did we meet and what website we met on. We technically met online January 2020 so she said that was a strong case for us. Since we did not meet and within a month decide we were going to get married. We had a history (even if it was 2 years, well 1 year and 11.5 months) since we started talking. He asked questions about me. Where i live (and she said where i live now and where i lived when we started the petition). He was applauding her (not the right way to say it but you understand, he liked this...) about the pictures we took of the motherland statue because that showed I was in Kyiv. He saw some others outside and recognized landmarks only in Kyiv. She stressed this to me and I will stress in the forums also, use pictures that not only show you were together, but show you were in the country of the beneficiary or something the consulate/embassy will recognize. That helps tremendously. He also provided her pictures that I sent in the I-129F petition. She said she could tell because i labeled them on the back. So now she has pictures (only 5 but still) that I sent. After the questions, he said she was approved.
Oh with the child (my future son). He is almost 5 years old and did not speak english. The man was nice enough to say "i see him, he can go play" and did not ask any questions to him. It was awesome because she was concerned that the child would be in a not so good mood with standing and being outside earlier where it was cold.

Hopefully this answers questions. Oh other things:
-They never asked for my intent to marry
-She didnt bring whatsapp printouts (she thinks the printer facility did not remember to print those documents)
-She only brought photos and my paycheck slips as "proof of ongoing relationship" along with my passport stamps.
I told her i would still advise people to bring all the information, just in case.
Her big takeaway was "It was 99% financial documents to make the decision and 1% asking me questions. They spent time looking at the documents."

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