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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30524

Guatemala Review on December 20, 2021:



Review Topic: EB-3 Visa

Guatemala City consulate seems to be processing roughly 25 cases daily.

The intake outside the compound was very straightforward, they check your documents and make you go through security. They will assign you a number and ask you to wait in the waiting room area. This area has enough space to keep a safe distance between you and other people waiting for their interviews. We were number 22 out of 25.

They call you a first time to review all your documents and fingerprint you. The only exception was our 2 year old boy, he did not need to submit fingerprints. About 15 minutes later they call you a second time for the actual interview. It was very straightforward and we were asked very basic questions regarding the nature of our petition. Since our case was employment-based, the questions were work-related and we spent in total less than 10 minutes in front of the consulate official. She informed us that our visa was approved and our passports should be returned within a week.

By the time we left the embassy compound there were no more people waiting outside to enter for an interview.

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