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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30521

Louisville KY Review on December 20, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We got there 30 minutes early so we waited outside and they let us in 10 minutes before. Since we were the first ones in, security and check in went fairly quickly. We waited about 15 minutes and our interviewer called us back together.

He was very friendly and made a couple of jokes. He asked us questions from our application and then asked us basic questions like “Where was your spouse born? What’s their birth date? Where did you go on your honeymoon?” Thinking about it, I think that was the only questions he asked us because after each question we would expound on it (for example the interviewer went to grad school in my home state, or he also been to our honeymoon destination.) When we finished those questions he asked if we had anymore evidence that would help our case and we threw so much evidence at him that he was like “okay that’s enough that’s enough!”

However, we learned that our medical was sent in two days too late, so we will have to send it, but he approved my I-130 and will approve the I-485 when we get the medical in. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. We are getting the 2 year conditional green card, but I feel a lot better now that I have experienced it. I was way over prepared but I believe it’s better that way, but I want everyone to know that your time will come! Stay strong!

Update: they gave us a 10 year green card instead!

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