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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30471

Hong Kong, China Review on December 6, 2021:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiancee's interview was at 10am on a Tuesday (11/23/2021).

She arrived at 9:30am and waited in the coffee shop in front of the Consulate. She approached the outer gate of the consulate at 9:55am. Upon arrival, the guard asked her for her appt confirmation sheet and Hong Kong id. After that, there are several guards who checked her bags, gave her a tray to put all of her paperwork in, used a metal detection wand on her, collected her cell phone, and x-rayed her belongings.

She was directed to go to the 1st floor and turn right and told that they will call her name. She did not wait at all. Upon entering the room the first lady collected her paperwork (BC, appt letter, i-134 & supporting paperwork, divorce decree, HKID, and passport bio page). While the consulate employee collects your paperwork she asked her questions about our case, so listen carefully. She asked: How many kids? Where are your kids? Asked about police clearances from Saudi and Kuwait? Did she register the address for the passport delivery / pickup. Last, she confirmed her phone number. After collecting the paperwork, my fiancée took a seat and waited for them to call her. She waited 5-10 minutes and they called her. The consulate officer administered an oath and took her fingerprints. Then, he asked the following questions: 1. How many kids do you have? 2. How did you meet? 3. Did he meet your parents? 4. What was your parents reaction to him? 5. He commented on how impressed he was with our meeting letter on the i-129f and said you are approved. She left the consulate at 10:35am.

It was a very stressful morning for my fiancée. She was very tired, had a headache, and could not eat. However, after the approval, all the stress of our 10 1/2 months process was over.

Thank you Lord

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