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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30363

Baltimore MD Review on November 9, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Below is my Interview experience which was finished on Nov 4th 2021 @2.00 pm
We reached the field office at 1.30 pm and were asked to wait outside until 1.45 pm .There was big line already and at 1.45 pm the security guard opened the doors and gradually let us in after checking our interview appointment letter
As soon as we entered the office we had go thru security like the airport security of removing watches ,belts ,jackets and putting them thru the scanner along with our purse and other personal belongings
After we pass thru security we enter the common waiting area where my husband was asked to be seated and I was waiting in the line to get my token number since I was the applicant
Once I was assigned a token number I was asked to sit on the right side of the waiting area because our officer would come out of the door on the right side and call our name .
We waited for about 10-15 mins and our number was called
Officer was very warm and friendly .She greeted us cordially and walked us to her office
After we entered her office we were made to take the oath and then she asked us to get seated
Since I had an approved I 29F Petition she acknowledged the same and started with the questions of I 485
Questions for me:
My full name
Mailing address
Wedding date
Husband’s date of birth
Husband’s full name
Husband’s place of Birth
Verified if I was working or not
Security Yes or No Questions

Questions for my husband:
My parents full name
My ex husband’s full name
How many times I was married

Questions she said either one of us can answer:
How we met basically our love story
Why did I decide to marry to him

Rest of interview was super casual we talked about the places we traveled,fun stuff we did together as a couple ,she shared her travel stories and the places she visited.
Towards the end she asked what joint evidence we wanted to provide.We gave her our joint bank accounts, joint health insurance, joint car insurance and utility bill which has both of our names
She didn’t even ask to show any photos but I showed her two of my favorite photos
In the end she asked me sign the I 485,printed the standard paper saying my case is in review and said they have upto 120 days to make a decision.She reiterated not to follow up before 120 days.
The entire interview lasted for about 20-25 mins but never even once we felt as though we were being interviewed.She was a very kind and sweet officer
Update 5.30 pm : New card produced
K1 to AOS filer

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