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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30295

Denver CO Review on October 19, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

The interview was for my husband who was the one adjusting his status.
Our Appointment was at 7:30, arrived at 7:20, checked in. We were the the first ones to be called in.
The immigration officer was friendly but semi strict during the interview itself. We had a friend translate over the phone as they currently do not allow in person translators due to covid. The officer literally asked questions from the I-485 Adjustment of Status packet that we sent in. These are all the questions that were asked that I could remember:

1. What is your Full name

2. What is your Address

3. What is your Date of birth

4. When did you come to US? (for my husband)

5. How long have you lived in your current residence?

6. Have you worked without authorization in the US?

7. Did you help anyone illegally come to the US?

8. Did you deal drugs?

9. What are your husbands parents names? (This was asked to me)

10. Have you met your husbands parents?

11. Do you have any kids?

12. What are their names?

13. When is your daughters birthday?

14. When did you get married?

15. How did you meet?

16. Where did you live when you came to America?

17. Where do you work now (name of job)?

18. Are you part or any club or organization?

19. Have you been deported from US?

20. Have you been in army or know how to use firearms?

21. Show me evidence of your marriage

(We gave her our daughters birth certificate, bank statements that we share a joint account, car insurance, letter of affidavit of residence that we currently live with our parents, and that’s it .. that is literally all the officer took, didn’t even need or look at anything else)

Then she said that everything on our application looks good and that my husband should receive his green card in a couple of weeks, and asked if we had any questions and thats it!

Overall straightforward interview.

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