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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30231

Louisville KY Review on October 8, 2021:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

The officer was very rude. He didn't give my wife the opportunity to try and answer in English. He argued with me regarding the use of an interpreter. The NOA stated in BOLD not to bring them with you due to CoVid and to have them available by phone. I mentioned that we had someone waiting for our call should we need them. He said "you can't do that" I explained that the NOA clearly states that we are to call. He just said, "we don't do that"....where I replied, "How am I to know this? I can only go by what you sent me" I told him that our daughter is waiting to translate. He said, "It can't be family" once again " sir, how am I to know this? You do not state that..." From this point on, he was very rude and asked questions only about her history, have you been a prostitute, kidnapped anyone, sold weapons, been arrested, gotten speeding tickets, etc. NOTHING about our history together. He then asked for "supporting documents" but didn't indicate what he was looking for. I provided pictures, as well as our electric bill showing both of us on the bill. He said "this is all you have?" He was looking for proof that we live together. He eventually said "Oh well, you have to come back in two years anyway, so go home and wait" That was it...."do you have any questions for me?" He never said congratulations, you're approved or even a "welcome to the US"....He was just rude and made us feel awful. Such an embarrassment that this is how my wife is welcomed to the USA.
To top it all off, with all of the issues regarding a translator and the use of Spanish, his name was Jesus C. indicating that he is from a Hispanic decent...

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