Consulate / USCIS Member Review #30044

Detroit MI Review on August 23, 2021:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Overall the interview was very very smooth, even though our officer was a bit chatty haha. But that made me feel more relaxed. We walked in about 15 minutes before our appointment (they wouldn't let you in more than 15 minutes before your appointment) and went through a very smooth airport style security. It took about 10 minutes for security because there was quite a bit of people there and some people with interpreters just needed a bit of extra time. After we went through security we handed an officer our interview notice and IDs and they checked us in and instructed us to seat in a big waiting area. Immediately after we sat down another officer came through some doors and called my name. We followed him to his office and he asked us to stand for a bit while he asked us our names and for our IDs. He swore us in and then asked us to seat. He immediately went into what the next steps after this interview was (which made me feel good because I had a feeling he had a good impression of our case so far, almost as if we were approved before we even walked in). He then talked about how the removal of conditions worked for about 15 minutes, gave us a piece of paper on it and we signed to acknowledge that he had gone through that with us.

He then explained how the interview was going to go: we review the removal of conditions, he goes through the application with us and then he reviews any new evidence we had. So he did exactly that. It was a little impressive how he managed to ask us all of the yes or no questions from the application without reading any of them. He then asked if I was employed, I am not so I said no. He asked my husband if he had met my parents, what were their names then asked us both the following: how many times had he visited my home country, when did we get married, why did we get married, who came to our wedding, where did we get married, where did we live, where did we study, how did we meet (we met in university so he then asked what we studied, and asked if i was an F1 visa then) when did we start dating, how long have we been married, and maybe more but I don't remember them. He then joked about us please not having children soon because we are too young (Which we agreed lol, we're not looking to do that anytime soon). And then we handed him our new evidence: joint lease, insurance, a big stack of photos, renter's insurance and utility bills. He went through all of them in detail, and went through all of the pictures while making small jokes here and there (he was a little funny). We talked about the blue man group for a bit and then he called himself "the frontpage of the internet" and a "walking meme" and that is when we both knew we were approved because he was very very chill. He then talked about his wife being a K1 visa as well. We basically just chatted about life for a bit. He then gave us a paper that said our case is being reviewed and we need nothing more from you for now and he sent us on our way! My case status changed to "new card is being produced" about a week and a half later!

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