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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29933

Czech Republic Review on August 3, 2021:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

I went to my K-1 visa interview today in Prague.

I showed up 15 minutes before my appointment time and was shown to the entrance. At the entrance, a pleasant security guard checked my name off his list and let me in. I went through security to the waiting area and waited for my number to be called. I waited maybe 10 minutes before a nice Czech woman called me to the window and took all my papers. She checked each item to be sure I had brought everything. I had paid the visa fee in advance but had not brought proof of payment with me, but she was able to find the record in their system. I was asked to sit back down to wait.

I waited for max 30 minutes until I was called to another window. A super pleasant female consul greeted me and told me she is kind of new in the role and "still practicing" so she thanked me in advance for my patience.

First she gave me back the original versions of the documents that I had given the Czech woman earlier. Then, she asked me how I had met my fiancé and when we were planning to travel. She made some pleasant small talk and was very nice. Then she said everything looks good and my visa is approved, and congratulations! She reminded me that I will automatically get a NIE and I can travel despite the travel ban. She told me I can pick up my visa within the next couple of days and that I would be informed via email.

Overall an extremely seamless and relaxed process, everyone was nice.

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