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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29883

Argentina Review on July 19, 2021:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I will start by saying that my interview experience was a very good one and a very fast one. My appointment was at 8:30am, I got there a few minutes earlier, and by 9:30am I was already out of the embassy. I had never been to the US embassy in Buenos Aires, and I got a bit confused by a smaller building nearby that had US flags hanging outside. The embassy is the large facility on Av. Colombia and the actual entrance is closer to Av. Sarmiento.

My husband was in Buenos Aires but he wasn't allowed in, he kept my phone and I was able to go in with my wallet, interview documents and nothing else. There was nobody else in line at the time, and going through security was very fast. After going into the main building, there is a seating area and a standing area. I went to the seating area, and I saw the tourist/student visa applicants go to the standing area. My name was called rather quickly through a small window to ask for the documentation, the lady was monotone but nice, this is what she asked for:

- Yatri appointment registration.
- Current passport and old passports.
- 1 photograph.
- Birth certificate and photocopy (I gave her the one I had submitted to the NVC, and she asked if I happened to have one that had the Hague apostille, which I did think to bring, it was a different one, so she took both.)
- Marriage license and photocopy.
- Police certificate (She quickly noticed it was not the same one I had uploaded to NVC, but I explained I had asked for a new one with "excepción al artículo 51 del Código Penal”, so she accepted it.)
- Relationship evidence (I gave her a photo album of the last 5 years, cards and emails we've exchanged, proof of a credit card extension, airbnb reservations and passports stamps from both of us, showing we've met in different countries. I had printed a big book with Whatsapp conversations of the last 3 years, but she didn't take it, said the Consul would ask for it if they deemed it necessary. Consul also didn't ask for it.) She explained that if my visa was approved, I wouldn't need to bring anything else with me to enter the States, (the website said they'd give me a sealed envelope, she said all of my case was electronic, including the medical examination), I would only need my passport+visa.

My recommendation there is: if you have any additional or new documentation, bring it alongside whatever you had submitted previously. I had all of the other documentation the website says (including vaccination sheet the doctor emailed me, and my husband's tax returns, W2s and I-864 form), but she didn't ask for anything else. She didn't ask for any translations either. I waited for about 30 minutes, and my name was called to a little room on the left (not the windows for the tourist/student visas). The Consul was an extremely nice lady that welcomed me, I did the oath and sat down for my interview, it was very short and simple, these were my questions, all in Spanish:

-How did you meet your husband?
-Was your husband born in the States?
-What does your husband do for a living?
-Is this your first marriage?
-Is this your husband’s first marriage?
-Has your husband visited Argentina before?
-Where did you get married?
-When did you get married?
-Who attended your wedding?
-How is his family composed?
-Have you met his family?
-Have you lived in another country?
-Have you ever worked in the US?
-Have you ever overstayed in the US?
-Have you ever been arrested?

She then said my visa was approved. She reiterated that I do not need to bring anything else with me to enter the States, only the passport+visa. She gave me a sheet of paper with my alien registration number and instructions to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee, and another sheet of paper with my rights in regard to domestic violence. She was very nice and communicative the whole time. She returned all my original documents, and kept my passport. I picked up the passport with my visa a week later on the Santa Fe office, through the Yatri registration. After a long long process that got delayed multiple times due to my passport being expired, our lawyer taking a lot of time to submit all the documents, and a whole world pandemic (!), the interview day itself was a very good and easy one.

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