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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29439

Saint Louis MO Review on April 6, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

On time, cheerful agent. Started with i130 questions, then questions about the relationship. Moved on to i485 standard questions. Not a lot of personal/relationship questions. Asked about extra evidence of bona fide marriage, said utilities bills on only name, joint account statement with few transactions and lack of extra financial mingling wasn't good enough. (There was 400 pages in the process total with plenty of evidence, anyways!) Kept extra pictures and gave a spiel about not sure if we really lived together but also explained ROC and citizenship process which kinda gave it away it could be that bad.

Didn't approved on the spot, was told it was going for "review" because the evidence "was slim". Well. After leaving the buidling the online account changed status of the i485 to "new card being produced" so just empty talk, maybe to see how we would react? Anyway, here's to two years of no immigration processes!

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