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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29381

Denver CO Review on March 23, 2021:



Review Topic: Other Experience

How many have met the British Secret Service murderer Wayne Couzens, on his travels to murder women and asians?

If you could give less than zero, Minus 1000 it would be. Belligerent, racist, arrogant floor staff who are more interested to argue with you than do the job they are paid to, to provoke you and lie to your face.

Apparently i was Mexican looking, so had come South through the border.

We felt treated with obsequious racism and ignorance by group of people who are unfit for the purposes they are employed, and do not uphold the right values, but pretend with some veiled arrogance, as if I was engaged in some antanagoge with the officers, who was more a self-appointed ruler than a Civil Servant. The staff here refused to help me get home for my ill and dying father (12 months before Covid) and they did it as they are evil, racist, liars, who are more interested in getting paid than actually using a brain cell.

I've met some obsequious c888ts in my time, but this was the pinnacle.

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