Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29333

London, United Kingdom Review on March 17, 2021:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Hi all,

I had my interview this morning and it was quick and easy. The interview was scheduled for 10 am, but I arrived around 9:40 and was able to enter earlier. The security control was fine, although I had forgotten that I have a tiny swiss army knife in my keyring and they asked me to throw it into one of the bins outside the building, and pick it back later. They dont hold these items for you.

Once you enter they checked my printed email with the appointment confirmation, and then I went to the first floor. Once there I waited around 10 minutes until my number appeared on the screen (by the way, thed did not call me or made any sound when my number came up, so you need to check the numbers at the booths oftenly).

In the first call they asked me for my passport, only one picture, and my birth, marriage and police certificates (including the translations, if applicable). They took my fingerprints, and asked me if I had been in the US before, how long had it been since we were married, and a copy of the email with the information about the passport delivery (the email you receive when you register for the courrier). Finally they gave me a paper with some information to read before the second call.

This happened quite fast, around 5 min after the first conversation. The new interviewer was quite nice (she complimented my look, since I got a suit and tie for the ocassion) and then she asked me the following questions:
- When did you meet?
- What does your wife do for living?
- Where is she now? In our case, she is visiting in London, so she also asked when my wife had entered UK

After that, she gave back all documentation except the passport, and said I was approved and my passport should be back after 1-2 weeks. In total, the process was around 35 minutes.

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