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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #2931

Senegal Review on May 30, 2008:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I was present for the interview. I was surprised that the interview space was not private and we could hear every interview in session. My fiance opted to complete his interview in English so I was able to understand what he was being asked. The officer didn't ask him much. She asked how we met, what I do for work, what he does for work, and when did he start that type of work. She also asked him if I had been married previously and if I had any children. She did not ask any questions about our marriage plans or other questions about our families. After he completed his interview the officer asked to interview me and asked me the same exact questions. She asked to see our photos but no other evidence. I had submitted phone records and flight itineraries with my I-129F petition but she did not appear to have an interest in seeing the updated phone records. We don't have letters or emails because my fiance does not read or write very well (yet) and I documented that in a letter with the original petition. She did ask for my flight itinerary for my 2nd trip to Africa. At the end of the interview the officer said "Ok, we are happy to issue your visa today" and gave us a receipt to come pick up the envelope the following week. We were out on the street getting into a taxi and the guard called us back. The officer said "I'm very sorry but this will require additional processing. Unfortunately this typically takes months so I suggest you go back to your lives." I wasn't too impressed with her response and the fact that she did not try to "put it through" (whatever that means) before we left. I could not get any additional information about what "additional processing" means until I went back to the embassy the next day and politely insisted on getting some more answers. I talked to a man that was a little more helpful. He said "I cannot give you too much information about our process but I can tell you that your fiance has a very common name." I said so you need to do a background check? He looked at me and nodded his head. He said if we have not contacted you in 60 days then send us an email. After I returned home I emailed the embassy to find out exactly where my case is being "held" and they replied with the Visa office in Washington. So now, we wait...

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