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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #29244

Louisville KY Review on March 2, 2021:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We arrived 15 minutes prior to the time on the notice. At the entrance to the USCIS office there was a kiosk where you check in with a live person on a video screen, and you take your own temperature with a touchless thermometer on a stand, and then directed to go into the waiting room.

20 minutes after our appointment time, the officer called us and brought us to a room for the interview.

The officer was polite, friendly and professional. He verified the information in every entry of the application, asking current and legal names and birthdates. He then asked all screening the questions in the back of the application.

He then proceeded to ask personal questions to my wife and me:

How did and when did we meet?

When we met, did I approach her or did she approach me?

How long after we met did we have our first date?

Where did I propose?

When and where was our wedding?

How many people attended or wedding?

He looked at our pictures and asked my wife to identify two people in the photo.

How many brothers and sisters does my wife have?

He directed most of the questions to my wife, but asked me a couple questions in between hers.

He then asked if we had any more proof of our marriage to submit. He had our entire packet, so we gave him additional evidence like our lease, joint bank statements, cell phone contract, health, life an car insurance documents, will, etc.

He then told us he was going to recommend approval after conducting a final criminal background check.

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