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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28962

Malaysia Review on January 4, 2021:


Review Topic: K1 Visa


I was informed about my interview (set by the embassy itself) via email a week before and had not done my medical report yet. It's a really complicated times as the clinic had canceled my previous appointment due to MCO in KL and Selangor area. I immediately contacted the clinic again to have my appointment done a day before my interview and try to get permission to go to KL (am from Ipoh) and thank god, it was a breeze. But I had to come on a later date after to collect my report and receive my vaccinations. Hence, my medical report is not done yet during my interview but was advised to keep going still.

I had my interview at 9AM and arrived around 8.40 as I stayed at DoubleTree Hilton a day before my interview. When I arrived, there are no lines outside and I was instructed swiftly into the building (leaving my phone and IC card at the post). I was also given a number and I was the third person to get interviewed. The waiting hall is almost empty, just me and two others waiting to be interviewed. I then were called to submit all documents at the first counter and also gave them a letter by the clinic informing that my medical is pending.

As my name is called, the interview lasted just about 10 minutes and the officer is quite nice. He then gave me a form 221g refusal because of my pending medical and was instructed to submit medical + passport via Aramex courier. My case status were marked as refused while I waited to submit my pending docs. I did received the visa a week after I submitted my documents but realized they spelt my name wrongly haha. So its more waiting time and honestly just annoying as I need to have them reissued. But they were very efficient with my emails regarding the mistakes and were helpful.

Overall I have a good impression of KL US embassy ever since my tourist visa interview and no problem other than the COVID delays and just the whole visa reissuance haha.

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