Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28952

Dallas TX Review on December 30, 2020:



Review Topic: Naturalization

In and out very quick. I’m guessing with COVID updates things move a lot faster. Was waiting in line (everyone kept their safety distance) for like 5 min before an office asked if someone had an appointment at my same time, got to skip the line. Went through the security filter. Showed my papers and then took a seat. Someone called my name and went into the office with this agent. Asked me all the questions I had left blank because they didn’t apply to me but you still need to answer all! We did the civics test. She asked me to write on a tablet with my finger the sentence she read and also to read something off the tablet, that was it. Asked me if I did my taxes. Was approved on the spot. Now just waiting for the oath ceremony. Very excited. Thankful that this is almost over! 🙏🏼